Rudyard Kipling's
Soldiers Three
A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture, copyright 1951

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by Trisha:

In my opinion, Soldiers Three was a delightful film to watch. Before viewing this film, I discovered that many movie review sites gave this film two stars at best, which made me very skeptical. However, I'm not much into hearing about what critics like/dislike, and I have watched my share of Robert Newton's films and thoroughly enjoyed them; so I thought, "why not watch it?"

The film's setting was during war time, however, it did not focus on the historical aspects of war. Instead, the movie focused on the antics of three zany soldiers (Privates Ackroyd, Sykes and Malloy) who do everything possible to avoid their duties, only to engage in playful antics. They take part in things that are unbecoming of soldiers, but in the end, they save the day. In addition, I instantly recognized the uncanny "aargh" performed by Robert Newton numerous times throughout the duration of the movie.

This film, on a scale of five stars, is definitely worthy of three at least. The movie was very entertaining and I'm sure many people would enjoy it. I found myself chuckling throughout much of the movie, so I'm more than anxious to see it again (only seen it this once).

From Rudyard Kipling and Sir Henry Rider Haggard on Screen, Radio, and Television by Philip Leibfried (McFarland and Company, 1999)—used by permission of the author:

This misbegotten effort was obviously an attempt to make another Gunga Din, but it failed miserably despite high production values and a sterling cast. ... The sole purpose of the trio in this film is getting drunk. Newton, who was known to bend the elbow on a number of occasions, seemed to actually be in that state throughout the proceedings. He continually repeated the other actors' lines and had a glazed expression in all his scenes. Once it appears, the plot ... The battle scenes are well-staged and the best part of the picture. Viewing this movie is recommended only for diehard fans of the leads, not for Kipling aficionados.

by Lorraine:

I found Soldiers Three to be funny like the Three Stooges. Equally funny was Robert Newton using his pirate accent and his name from Oliver Twist. Cyril Cusack and Robert Newton worked well together as part of a funny threesome. This movie was just another example of talent from great actors. I enjoyed it!!

by Susan:

Read the review on my Robert Newton site here. (A more generalized review is still under construction.)

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