Eva's Snappy Gallery

a collection of images captured, enhanced, and generously shared by Eva Danø

(This gallery is still under construction by the webmaster, but I've delayed so long in making these images available, I hope you enjoy what's here so far. Please stop back for updates.)

Fire Over England

Dark Journey

Farewell Again

The Squeaker

The Green Cockatoo

I, Claudius/The Epic That Never Was

Vessel of Wrath (a.k.a. The Beachcomber, 1938)

Jamaica Inn

Dead Men Are Dangerous

Twenty-One Days


Busman's Honeymoon

Major Barbara

They Flew Alone (a.k.a. Wings and the Woman)

Hatter's Castle

This Happy Breed

Henry V

Night Boat to Dublin

Odd Man Out


Oliver Twist

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands

Obsession (a.k.a. The Hidden Room)


Tom Brown's Schooldays

Soldiers Three

Les Miserables

Blackbeard the Pirate

Androcles and the Lion

The Desert Rats

The High and the Mighty

Long John Silver's Return to Treasure Island

The Adventures of Long John Silver

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "The Derelicts"

Around the World in Eighty Days


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