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A Tribute to
Robert Newton:

the talented and versatile British actor who brought the character of Long John Silver vividly to life in Disney's 1950 classic Treasure Island thus defining our present-day concept of the quintessential pirate. Though it was literally Robert Newton who put the "Arr!" in "pirate," his career encompassed a variety of memorable roles, from villains to leading men, in the works of great writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, and Shaw.

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"Thanks, pal!"

Many thanks to my sister Janette Dauenhauer for Web advice and the use of her film books; to my father Frank Dauenhauer for proofreading and for his excellent suggestions; to my computer-graphics teacher and friend, Cathy Leyland, for assistance with the banners; to my Internet Design teacher and fellow appreciator of great acting, Tony Gerardi; and to my husband Chuck Ciriello for his support, encouragement, and the additional links he provided.

I'm also greatly indebted to contributors Paul Anderson, Steve Bingen, Tom Bright, Bill Burn, Glenn K. Call, Bruce Carney, Mary Condon, Vikki Cole-Richardson, Lorraine Crennan, Eva Danø, Jennifer Emerson, Mike Emmer, Susan Gantz, Mervyn Graham, Kitty Hawk, Tim Hufnagle, Erling Jacobsen, Kristine, Philip Leibfried, Bob Miller, Todd Malone, Priscilla Moreno, Jim Morgan, Erin O'Neil, Roy Parker, John Pickens, Greg Prevost, Brad Richards, Wini Richardson, Roland Rod, Tim Sanderson, Spev Moon, Trisha and Venie, and Leane Verhulst. Thank you all!

A huge "Thanks, pal!" to my good friend and cinemaphile Diane Hall for tirelessly coming up with and sharing additional information about Robert Newton just when I think I've exhausted all the sources there are to discover and for encouraging me to keep digging for more buried treasure.

I am especially grateful for the kind cooperation of Robert Newton's sons and daughter-in-law: Kim and Cheri Newton, who provided corrections and additional information, and Nicholas Newton, who provided further information and wrote several paragraphs about his father's stage work for the biography. Many, many thanks to all.

And thank you for stopping by!


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