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Robert Newton, www.robertnewton.net


Creative expressions inspired by Robert Newton:

by Jo Cal (click image for larger version)

"Hi, fans! I am an artist and belong to the North Shore Art League here on Long Island. With all that I've painted, I never painted a pirate! This portrait is for my daughter, Lorraine Crennan, of her favorite pirate actor, Robert Newton, and for everyone on the website to enjoy. Love to all, Jo Cal." (2007)

by Wini Richardson, pencil sketch, 1976

by Mathew Graham

Submitted by his son, Mervyn Graham, who writes, "Mathew Graham was a 6'7" gentle giant of a man with a great artist's eye. When I was a child I remember him sitting for hours with a nib pen and India ink drawing the most wonderful images. He drew many faces of the actors of his day, this drawing being one of them. Unfortunately, at the time, no one saw the value of these drawings, and they were never framed or preserved in any way, just rolled up and thrown into Mum's sideboard. ... This drawing was completed before I was even born probably around 1949 or '50."

Desktop wallpaper by Trisha (thumbnail)
Click on image to download (981K zipped)

Eva's Snappy Gallery
a collection of images captured and enhanced by Eva Danø

If Robert Newton has inspired you to do something creative that you'd like to share here, please click here to contact me.

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