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My Favorite Robert Newton Films

  1. Treasure Island
  2. Jamaica Inn
  3. Waterfront
  4. Oliver Twist
  5. Odd Man Out
  6. The Hidden Room (a.k.a. Obsession)

My Favorite Robert Newton Performances

  1. Long John Silver in Treasure Island
  2. Peter McCabe in Waterfront
  3. Dr. Clive Riordan in The Hidden Room
  4. Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist
  5. Bill Walker in Major Barbara
  6. Ted Wilson in The Beachcomber
  7. Peter J. Goodfellow in Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "The Derelicts"
  8. Pistol in Henry V
  9. Jem Trehearne in Jamaica Inn
  10. Bartlett in The Desert Rats

More personal "award nominations"

Most Oscar-worthy performances: Bartlett in The Desert Rats, Bill Walker in Major Barbara, Peter McCabe in Waterfront
Best director: David Lean
Warmest performance: Dr. Arnold in Tom Brown's Schooldays
Most heartbreaking performance: Peter McCabe in Waterfront
Funniest performance: Pistol in Henry V, "Bill" Sykes in Soldiers Three
Most beguiling performance: (Who else?) Long John Silver
Best villain: Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist
Scariest villain: Harry Carter in Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
Funniest villain: Peter J. Goodfellow in Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Coldest villain: Clive Riordan in Obsession
Best hero: Jem Trehearne in Jamaica Inn, Frank Gibbons in This Happy Breed
Best leading lady: Maureen O'Hara in Jamaica Inn
Most romantic scene: The dance/proposal scene in They Flew Alone, the cave/escape scene in Jamaica Inn
Least romantic line: Long John's prison proposal to Purity in the Adventures of Long John Silver: "'Tis better to wear your noose than the executioner's."
Saddest scene: Parting with his son in Waterfront, being left in the prison cell by David Niven in Around the World in 80 Days
Best sidekick: Cyril Cusack in Soldiers Three
Best nemesis: Emlyn Williams in Jamaica Inn
Best nonhuman costar: Cap'n Flint in Treasure Island, Bullseye in Oliver Twist
Best costume: Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist
Best facial expression: Realizing he's just invited Purity to live aboard his ship in "The Eviction" episode of The Adventures of Long John Silver
Best entrance: Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist
Best exit: Long John Silver in Treasure Island
Favorite guilty pleasures: Soldiers Three, Jamaica Inn

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