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From Leading Man to Cultural Icon (Career overview of Robert Newton: more than just the actor who put the "Arr" in pirate!) 

      Part 1 (early life)
      Part 2 (later life)

      TV appearances
      Stage work
      Audio recordings

Career Stats (onscreen coincidences and trivia) 



Reviews (a brief description of the film or TV show, Robert Newton's role in it, and my personal opinion as an amateur reviewer):
      Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "The Derelicts"
      Androcles and the Lion
      Around the World in 80 Days
The Beachcomber (1954)
      Blackbeard the Pirate
      Busman's Honeymoon (a.k.a. Haunted Honeymoon)
      Dark Journey
      Dead Men Are Dangerous
      The Desert Rats
      Farewell Again
      The Green Cockatoo (a.k.a. Race Gang)
      Hatter's Castle
      Henry V
      The Hidden Room (a.k.a. Obsession)
      Jamaica Inn
      Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
      Long John Silver (feature film and TV series)
      Major Barbara
      Night Boat to Dublin
      Odd Man Out
      Oliver Twist
      Poison Pen
      Schlitz Playhouse (a.k.a. Herald Playhouse) "The Baker of Barnbury"
      Soldiers Three
      The Squeaker
      They Flew Alone (a.k.a. Wings and the Woman)
      This Happy Breed
      Tom Brown's Schooldays
      Treasure Island
      Twenty-One Days
      Vessel of Wrath (1938, a.k.a. The Beachcomber)

Photo galleries (galleries with asterisks include plot synopses, trivia, and/or credits):
      The Beachcomber
      Blackbeard the Pirate *
          Blackbeard the Pirate versus History
      Hatter's Castle*
      Jamaica Inn
      Les Miserables
      The Adventures of Long John Silver*
      Night Boat to Dublin*
          Night Boat to Dublin Full Plot Synopsis
      Oliver Twist
      Soldiers Three Fan Page*
      They Flew Alone (a.k.a. Wings and the Woman)
      Tom Brown's Schooldays
      Treasure Island 1
      Treasure Island 2
      Miscellaneous 1
      Miscellaneous 2

Great Lines (memorable film quotes by Robert Newton):
      The Adventures of Long John Silver (the TV series)
      Androcles and the Lion
      The Beachcomber
      Blackbeard the Pirate
Fire Over England
      Jamaica Inn
      Les Miserables
      Long John Silver (the movie)
      Major Barbara
      Oliver Twist
      Soldiers Three
      This Happy Breed
      They Flew Alone
     Treasure Island

Imitations (notable—though sometimes unwitting—imitations of Robert Newton's definitive portrayals of Long John Silver and Blackbeard, demonstrating his lasting influence on popular culture)

News/Calendar (current events commemorating or influenced by Robert Newton, airings of his films on television in the US and UK, and other important dates)
      Robert Newton at the Mariners' Museumbullet

Links (links to external sites about or having a connection to Robert Newton)

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