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Film work

The Cusack Factor
Cyril Cusack played many small or cameo roles in his movie career. If your primary reason for seeing (or purchasing) a film is to see him sink his teeth into a role, the following screen-time ratings may be useful:
***** Lead role
**** Large supporting role or near-lead
*** Moderate amount of screen time
** Small role
* Cameo--don't blink or you'll miss him

1910s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s

Alternate Title(s)
1918 Knocknagow (silent) Young O'Brien, Mick O'Brien's son Ireland The Homes of Tipperary
1935 Guests of the Nation (silent) Ireland
1935 Late Extra Jules, a waiter who tips off a reporter (James Mason) to the whereabouts of a murderer*
(total screen time: ~3 minutes, credited as "Cyril Chosack")
1935 The Man Without a Face Billy Desmond U.K.
1936 Servants All Billy
1938 The Shadow of the Glen (TV)
1941 Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It Mail Train (US)
1941 Once a Crook Bill Hopkins
1947 Odd Man Out Pat, the childish IRA getaway-car driver*** Gang War
1948 Once a Jolly Swagman Duggie Lewis Maniacs on Wheels (US)
1948 Esther Waters Fred Parsons Sin of Esther Waters (UK)
1948 Escape Rodgers
1948 Highland Fling (TV)
1948 Ship Day
1949 The Small Back Room Corporal Taylor U.K. Hour of Glory (US)
1949 The Blue Lagoon James Carter
1949 All Over the Town Gerald Vane
1949 Christopher Columbus
1949 The Sensible Man (TV)
1950 The Elusive Pimpernel Chauvelin The Fighting Pimpernel (US)
1950 Gone to Earth Edward Marston, the gentle village parson who wants to make the free-spirited, animal-loving heroine his wife****
1951 The Secret of Convict Lake Edward "Limey" Cockerell, one of a group of escaped convicts who take refuge in a frontiertown cabin owned by a group of women whose husbands are away***
1951 Soldiers Three Private Dennis Malloy, one of the mischievous trio dubbed the "Queen's hard bargain" ****
1951 The Blue Veil Frank Hutchins
1952 The Wild Heart Edward Marston, the country preacher who marries the heroine but is too mild-mannered to tame her heart**** Gypsy Blood
1953 Oedipus Complex (TV)
1954 Saadia Khadir
1954 The Last Moment Daniel O'Driscoll U.K.
1954 Destination Milan Paddy O'Clafferty
1955 Passage Home Bohannon
1955 The Thoroughbred (TV)
1955 March Hare Lazy Mangan Gamblers Sometimes Win
1956 Jacqueline Mr. Flannagan
1956 The Man Who Never Was Taxi Driver
1956 The Spanish Gardener Garcia, the unscrupulous butler***
1956 Deidre (TV)
1957 Ill Met by Moonlight Captain Sandy Intelligence Service, Night Ambush (US)
1957 The Man in the Road Dr. Kelly
1957 The Rising of the Moon
("The Majesty of the Law")
Inspector Michael Dillon US/Ireland
1957 Miracle in Soho Sam Bishop
1958 Gideon's Day Herbert "Birdie" Sparrow Gideon of Scotland Yard (US)
1959 Floods of Fear Peebles
1959 Shake Hands with the Devil Chris Noonan, poet-turned-IRA-fighter****
1959 The Moon and Sixpence (TV) Dr. Coutras
1959 The Enchanted (TV)
1959 What Every Woman Knows (TV)
1960 A Terrible Beauty Jimmy Hannafin, the shoemaker, a friend of O'Neill** (total screen time: ~13 minutes) US/UK/
Night Fighters (US)
1961 The Power and the Glory (TV)
1961 Johnny Nobody Prosecuting Counsel O'Brien
1962 I Thank a Fool Captain James Ferris, late father of a mentally ill woman clings to fond memories of him**
1962 Waltz of the Toreadors Dr. Grogan, eccentric confidant of the General (Peter Sellers) and physician to his chronically ailing wife*** The Amorous General
1962 Lawrence of Arabia
1962 The Chairs (TV)
1962 Don Juan in Hell (TV)
1962 The Dummy (TV)
1962 The Lotus Eater (TV)
1962 The Wedding Dress (TV)
1963 80,000 Suspects Father Maguire
1963 Accidental Death (TV)
1963 In the Train (TV)
1963 Krapp's Last Tape (TV) Krapp
1963 Tryptych (TV)
1963 The Workhouse Ward (TV) Michael McInerney
1964 The Big Toe (TV) Petley
1964 Murder in the Cathedral (TV) Thomas à Becket
1964 Six Characters in Search of an Author (TV) The father
1965 Passage to India (TV) Play of the Month: Passage to India (TV) (UK)
1965 Where the Spies Are Peter Rosser   One Spy Too Many, Passport to Oblivion
1965 The Spy Who Came In from the Cold Control, Leamas's (Richard Burton's) superior at the espionage agency who also sheds light on the film's title** (total screen time: ~8 minutes) UK
1965 I Was Happy Here Hogan UK Passage of Love (UK), Time Lost and Time Remembered (US)
1966 Fahrenheit 451 The Captain, leader of the book-burning fire department**** UK
1967 The Taming of the Shrew Grumio, Petrucchio's servant**** (total screen time: ~30 minutes) Italy/US La bisbetica domata (Italy)
1967 Dial M for Murder (TV) Inspector Hubbard
1967 Oedipus the King Messenger UK
1969 Galileo Galileo***** Italy/Bulgaria (language: Italian)
1969 David Copperfield (TV) Barkis, the cart driver who takes young David to school** (total screen time: ~6 minutes) UK
1970 Tam Lin Vicar Julian Ainsley, father of Janet Ainsley, the hero's love interest** UK The Ballad of Tam-Lin, The Devil's Widow (USA), The Devil's Woman
1970 Country Dance Dr. Maitland UK Brotherly Love (US)
1971 King Lear Duke of Albany, gentle husband of Goneril, Lear's scheming daughter** UK/Denmark
1971 Sacco e Vanzetti Frederick Katzmann France/Italy (language: Italian) Sacco and Vanzetti (US)
1971 Harold and Maude Glaucus, an ice sculptor who gets inspiration from Maude* (total screen time: ~25 seconds) US
1972 La polizia ringrazia Stolfi Italy/West Germany/
France (language: Italian)
The Law Enforcers (UK), Execution Squad (US), Das Syndikat, (West Germany), From the Police With Thanks
1972 Poet Game (TV) UK
1972 The Golden Bowl (TV miniseries) Bob Assingham, loquatious narrator whose wife meddles in the lives of two couples**** UK Henry James' The Golden Bowl
1972 Più forte, ragazzi! Matto, the Madman Italy (language: Italian) All the Way Boys (US), Plane Crazy (USA)
1972 The Hands of Cormac Joyce (TV) Mr. Reese
1973 Tristan et Iseult France Tristan and Isolde
1973 The Day of the Jackal Gozzi, the Gunsmith** (total screen time: ~4 minutes) UK/France
1973 The Homecoming Sam USA/UK
1973 Catholics (TV) Father Manus, a monk who supports keeping the Mass in Latin*** UK Conflict (TV) (video title), Catholics: A fable for the Future, The Visitor (Ireland)
1973 La mano spietata della legge The Judge Italy (language: Italian) The Bloody Hands of the Law
1973 La mala ordina Corso Italy/West Germany (language: Italian) Hired to Kill, Hit Men (US: video title), The Italian Connection (US), Black King Pin, Mafia Der Boß: Sie töten wie Schakale (West Germany), Manhunt (US: video title), Manhunt in Milan, Manhunt in the City (Europe: English title, video title)
1973 The Reunion (TV)
1974 Juggernaut Major O'Neill (uncredited)* UK
1974 The Abdication Chancellor Oxenstierna, advisor to young Queen Christina*** UK
1974 Il venditore di palloncini Balloon vendor Italy (language: Italian) The Balloon Vendor, The Last Circus Show, Last Moments, Tomorrow is Too Late
1974 Arrivano Joe e Margherito Parkintosh Italy/France/
Germany (language: Italian)
Dynamit in der Schnauze (West Germany); Joe y Margherito; Run, Run, Joe!
1975 The Good and Faithful Servant (TV)
1975 Children of Rage David's father* UK/Italy/
1975 Crystal and Fox (TV)
1976 Paura in città Giacomo Masoni Italy (language: Italian) Hot Stuff (US), Street War
1977 Jesus of Nazareth (TV miniseries) Yehuda, the rabbi who counsels and weds Mary and Joseph, then tutors young Jesus*** (Part I) UK/Italy Gesù di Nazareth (Italy)
1977 You Never Can Tell (TV)  UK Play of the Month: You Never Can Tell (UK)
1977 Le fond de l'air est rouge Speaker (voice) France (language: French) The Base of the Air Is Red (International: English title), Grin Without a Cat (US)
1978 Les Misérables (TV) Fauchelevent, peasant whose life is saved by Valjean* (total screen time: ~5 minutes) UK
1979 Poitín Mícheál, a poitín-maker***** Ireland (language: Irish) Poteen
1979 Lovespell Gormond of Ireland, Iseult's father** US Tristan and Iseult, Tristan and Isolde
1979 The Hitchhiker (TV)
1980 Cry of the Innocent (TV) Detective Inspector Tom Moloney, the policeman who investigates a plane crash that kills the family of a vengeful Vietnam vet (Rod Taylor)*** Ireland/US
1981 True Confessions Cardinal Hugh Danaher, Father Desmond's (Robert DeNiro's) politically entangled superior** (total screen time: ~11 minutes) US
1981 Andrina (TV) Retired sea captain UK
1981 No Country for Old Men (TV)
1981 The Temptation of Mr. O Mr. O
1982 The Outcasts Myles Keenan UK
1982 The Neighbour Downstairs (TV) Mr. Fishbane UK
1982 The Ghost Downstairs (TV) Mr. Fishbane UK
1982 The Ballroom of Romance Mr. Dwyer Ireland
1981 The Plough and the Stars (TV)
1983 The Comedy of Errors (TV) Aegeon UK/US The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors (TV) (US video title)
1983 The Kingfisher (TV) Hawkins UK
1983 Don Camillo Bishop Italy (language: Italian)
1983 Wagner (TV miniseries)  Jakob Sulzer, Swiss patron of composer Richard Wagner** (Part I) UK/Austria/
1983 Death of an Expert Witness (TV miniseries)  Mr. Lorimer UK
1983 One of Ourselves (TV) Quigley
1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four Mr. Charrington, the antique dealer who becomes Winston's landlord** UK
1984 Oedipus the King (TV) Priest UK Theban Plays: Oedipus the King (TV) (USA)
1984 No Comebacks "A Careful Man" (video) Martin Pound, solicitor who executes a millionaire's will and deals with the greedy heirs*** Ireland
1985 Dr. Fischer of Geneva (TV) Steiner UK The Bomb Party (TV) (Australia)
1988 Little Dorrit, Film One: "Little Dorrit's Story" Frederick Dorrit, Little Dorrit's uncle* UK
1988 Little Dorrit, Film Two: "Nobody's Fault" Frederick Dorrit, Little Dorrit's uncle** UK
1988 The Tenth Man (TV) The Priest* US
1988 Menace Unseen (TV) UK
1989 Danny, the Champion of the World (TV) Doc Spencer UK
1989 My Left Foot Lord Castlewelland** Ireland/UK My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown
1990 The Fool The Ballad Seller UK
1992 Far and Away Danty Duff, a family friend in Ireland** US
1992 As You Like It Adam UK
1992 Memento Mori Percy Mannering, the poet UK

Films ~ TV series ~ TV guest appearances ~ Documentaries

TV series

1972 Them Coat Sleeves UK
1972 Clochemerle Mayor Barthelemy Piechut UK
1980 Strumpet City Father Giffley Ireland
1983 Glenroe Uncle Peadar Ireland
1984 Rainy Day Women Mr. Reed UK

Films ~ TV series ~ TV guest appearances ~ Documentaries

TV guest appearances

Air Date
1973 Great Mysteries Mr. White The Monkey's Paw
1979 Tales of the Unexpected Percy Hampton Accidental Death
1979 Tales of the Unexpected Michael Fish The Hitch-Hiker (episode # 2.4) 3/22/1980
1984 Robin of Sherwood Agrivaine The Inheritance (episode # 3.3) (also released as Robin Hood and King Arthur's Ghost)
1985 The Ray Bradbury Theatre Doctor Jeffers The Small Assassin (episode # 2.6) 4/9/1988
1992 The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Georges Clemenceau Paris, May 1919 (episode # 2.18) 7/24/1993

Films ~ TV series ~ TV guest appearances ~ Documentaries


1950 W. B. Yeats: A Tribute Co-narrator
1958 Cradle of Genius Himself
1960 Once Upon a Tram Narrator
1967 Jonathan Swift Narrator
1968 Stage Irishman Himself
1976 Portrait of a Library Narrator
1982 The Search for Shaw The voice of Shaw
1984 At the Cinema Palace: Liam O'Leary Himself
1984 Introduction to English Poetry: 1384 to the Present Poetry reader
1984 Restoration and Augustan Poetry Poetry reader
1987 Cusack by Cusack
1991 The Company: Inigo and His Jesuits Host
1992 The Radharc Guide To Celtic Monasteries Narrator

Films ~ TV series ~ TV guest appearances

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