Cyril Cusack: 1910-1993

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Other Works

The Playboy of the Western World LPAudio recordings

The Poetry of Yeats, Caedmon Records, 1958

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, Caedmon Records, 1959

Othello by William Shakespeare (as Iago), Caedmon Records, 1960

Troylus and Cressida by William Shakespeare (as Thersites, a scurrilous Greek), Shakespeare Recording Society/Caedmon, 1962

The Chairs by Eugène Ionesco (as The Old Man), Harper Audio, 1963

King Lear by William Shakespeare (as the Earl of Gloucester), Shakespeare Recording Society/Caedmon, 1965

Five One-Act Plays ("The cat and the moon," "The only jealousy of Emer," "The pot of broth," "Purgatory," "The words upon the window-pane") by William Butler Yeats, Caedmon, 1965

Juno and the Paycock by Sean O'Casey (as Joxer Daly), Seraphim, 1967

Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, Caedmon, 1967

The Balcony by Jean Genet (as The Bishop), Caedmon, 1967

Great Short Stories, Volume 1, reading "The Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty, Caedmon, 1967

King Richard III by William Shakespeare (as Duke of Buckingham), Shakespeare Recording Society/Caedmon, 1967

Murder in the Cathedral by T. S. Elliot (as Priest), Caedmon, 1968

The Bernard Shaw/Ellen Terry Letters read by Dame Peggy Ashcroft & Cyril Cusack (TC 1108)

The Poetry of Hopkins by Gerard Manley Hopkins, Caedmon

Samuel Beckett: "Molloy," "Malone Dies," "The Unnamable," Caedmon

Fairy Tales of Ireland ("The Legend of Knockgrafton," "The Leprechaun and the Field of Boliauns," "Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary"), Caedmon Records, 1971

Irish Fairy Tales ("Cuchullin and the Legend of Knockmany," "Guleesh"), Caedmon, 1971

The Homecoming by Harold Pinter (as Sam), Caedmon, 1973

The Playboy of the Western World by John Millington Synge (as Christopher Mahon), Caedmon, 1973

James Joyce Soundbook (reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and, with Siobhán McKenna, Finnegans Wake), Caedmon, 1978

Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene, G. K. Hall Audio Books, 1985

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce (reading "Shem the Penman"), Caedmon, 1959

James Joyce Reads: Selections from Ulysses, Finnegan's Wake (reading "Chamber Music I through XXXVI" and "Pomes Penyeach"), Caedmon, 1992

The James Joyce Audio Collection (abridged), Harper Audio, 2002

Written works


Tar éis an aifrinn: dráma aonghnímh, 1942

The Temptation of Mr. O, 1961


Timepieces (Poetry Ireland editions, 9), Dublin: Dolmen Press, 1970

Poems, 1976

"Between the Acts" and Other Poems, UK: Colin Smythe, 1990

As editor:

Cyril Cusack's The Humour Is On Me, Belfast: Appletree, 1980


Cyril Cusack's The Humour Is on Me

Between the Acts

Awards and honors

1954 English Tatler Radio Critics Award The Dark Tower
1959 Sylvania Television Citation The Moon and Sixpence
1961 International Critics' Awards, Best Actor Arms and the Man and Krapp's Last Tape
1963 Irish Television Critics' Award, Best Actor
1966 Borestone Awards' Best Poems of 1966 "To Pádraig, Newborn"
1977 LL.D. honorus causa from the National University of Ireland
1980 Litt. D. from the University of Dublin
1982 Honorary D. Litt. from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland


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