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Stage Work

1916 East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood (novel) Irish tour Willie Carlyle
1918 Arrah-na-Pogue Boucicault Irish tour
1920 Dick Whittington Irish tour The Cat
1920 The Sign of the Cross Irish tour
1920 Shot at Dawn Irish tour
1922 Ali Baba Irish tour The Donkey
1922 The Babes in the Wood Irish tour Babe
1924 Irish and Proud of It Irish tour The Boy
1928 Tilly of Bloomsbury Norwich Repertory Company Indian student
1928 Mr. Wu Norwich Repertory Company Carruthers
1928 Milestones Norwich Repertory Company
1928 The Promised Land Norwich Repertory Company
1928 Ambrose Applejohn's Adventure Norwich Repertory Company
1928 The Terror U.K. tour
1932 The Vigil Abbey Theatre The Boy
1932 Wrack Abbey Theatre Hughie Boyle
1933 Drama at Inish Abbey Theatre Michael
1933 Margaret Gillan Abbey Theatre
1934 Parnell of Avondale Abbey Theatre Irish countryman
1934 Gallant Cassian Abbey Theatre
1934 Macbeth Shakespeare Abbey Theatre Malcolm
1934 Six Characters in Search of an Author Abbey Theatre The Son
1934 At Mrs. Beams' Abbey Theatre Colin Langford
1935 The King of Spain's Daughter Abbey Theatre
1935 The Silver Tassie Abbey Theatre
1935 A Deuce of Jacks Abbey Theatre
1935 A Saint in a Hurry
1935 Candida Shaw
Abbey Theatre
1935 Noah Abbey Theatre Japhet
1935 Summer's Day Abbey Theatre Curran
1936 Coriolanus Shakespeare Abbey Theatre Titus Larius
1936 Boyd's Shop Abbey Theatre Andy
1936 Katie Roche Abbey Theatre Jo Mahony
1936 The Passing Day Abbey Theatre Hind
1936 The Silver Jubilee Abbey Theatre John Joseph Barrett
1936 The Jailbird Abbey Theatre Mr. Bunton
1936 The Grand House in the City Abbey Theatre
1936 Blind Man's Bluff Abbey Theatre
1936 Ah, Wilderness! O'Neill Westminster Theatre, London Richard
1937 Shadow and Substance Paul Vincent Carroll Abbey Theatre O'Flingsley
1937 Quin's Secret Abbey Theatre Quin
1937 Killycreggs in Twilight Abbey Theatre Loftus de Lury
1937 The Patriot Abbey Theatre Dan Cusack
1937 The Man in the Cloak Abbey Theatre Mangan
1937 The Invincibles Abbey Theatre Kelly
1937 Cartney and Kevney Abbey Theatre Cartney
1937 She Had to Do Something Abbey Theatre Neddy
1938 A Spot in the Sun Abbey Theatre
1938 The Great Adventure Abbey Theatre
1938 Pilgrims Abbey Theatre
1938 Neal Maquade Abbey Theatre Adam
1938 Moses Rock Abbey Theatre Ned Hegarty
1938 Bird's Nest Abbey Theatre Hyacinth
1938 On Baile's Strand Abbey Theatre The Fool
1938 The Plough and the Stars O'Casey Abbey Theatre The Covey
1938 The Playboy of the Western World Synge Abbey Theatre Christy Mahon
1938 Shadow and Substance Abbey Theatre O'Flingsley
1939 Give Him a House Abbey Theatre Pat Hooey
1939 They Went by Bus Abbey Theatre John Joe Martin
1939 The Playboy of the Western World Synge Mercury Theatre, London Christy Mahon
1939 The Plough and the Stars O'Casey Q Theatre, London The Covey
1940 The Spanish Soldier Abbey Theatre Kevin McMorna
1940 William John Mawhinney Abbey Theatre
1940 Les parents terribles Cocteau Gate Theatre, Dublin Michel
1941 Thunder Rock St. Martin's Theatre, London Streeter
1942 The Doctor's Dilemma Shaw Haymarket Theatre, London Irene Hentschel Louis Dubedat
1942 The Whiteheaded Boy Lennox Robinson Abbey Theatre Dewis
1942 An Apple a Day Abbey Theatre
1942 Tar Éis an Aifrinn Cusack Gate Theatre, Dublin (Gaelic Players) Cyril Cusack
1942 The Barrel Organ Gaiety Theatre John
1943 The O'Cuddy Abbey Theatre O'Cuddy
1943 The Old Road Abbey Theatre Michael
1943 Faustus Kelly Abbey Theatre
1943 Poor Man's Miracle Abbey Theatre
1944 Romeo and Juliet* Shakespeare
Gaiety Theatre
1944 The Wise Have Not Spoken Abbey Theatre Francis
1944 The End House Abbey Theatre Seuman
1944 The New Regime Abbey Theatre
1945 Tenants at Will Abbey Theatre Dawson
1945 Rossa Abbey Theatre
1945 The Last of Summer* Gaiety Theatre Tom
1945 Hell Bent for Heaven Gaiety Theatre Sid Hunt
1947 The Devil's Disciple Shaw Gaiety Theatre Dick Dudgeon
1947 The Doctor's Dilemma Shaw Gaiety Theatre Louis Debedat
1947 Arms and the Man Shaw Gaiety Theatre Bluntschli
1950 Pommy People's Palace Theatre, London Nosey
1953 The Playboy of the Western World* Synge Gaiety Theatre Christy Mahon
1953 Arms and the Man* Shaw Gaiety Theatre Bluntschli
1954 The Playboy of the Western World* Synge Theatre Sarah Bernhardt, Paris, and on tour of Irish cities Christy Mahon
1955 The Bishop's Bonfire* O'Casey Gaiety Theatre, Dublin Tyrone Guthrie The Codger
1956 The Golden Cuckoo Dennis Johnston Gaiety Theatre, Dublin Do-the-Right
1956 Androcles and the Lion* Shaw Gaiety Theatre, Dublin Androcles
1956 The Rising of the Moon* Lady Gregory Gaiety Theatre, Dublin The Man
1957 Hamlet* Shakespeare
Gaiety Theatre, Dublin
May 2, 1957-June 29, 1957 A Moon for the Misbegotten O'Neill Bijou Theatre, Broadway Carmen Capalbo Phil Hogan
1958 You Never Can Tell Liverpool Shakespeare Theatre, Liverpool
1958 Casement* Theatre Royal, Waterford, Ireland, and Gaiety Theatre, Dublin Roger Casement
1959 Goodwill Ambassador Olympia Theatre, Dublin Seamas O'Beirne
1960 Goodwill Ambassador* Shubert Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut, and Wilbur Theatre, Boston, and other U.S. cities Seamas O'Beirne
1960 Krapp's Last Tape* Beckett Empire Theatre, Belfast, and on tour in Europe Krapp
1960 Arms and the Man* Shaw Empire Theatre and Queen's Theatre, Dublin, and on tour in Europe Bluntschli
1960 The Voices of Doolin* Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, and on tour of Irish cities Doolin
1961 The Temptation of Mr. O.* Cusack Dublin Theatre Festival, Olympia Theatre and Gaiety Theater Cyril Cusack Mr. O.
1963 The Physicists Dürrenmat Aldwych Theatre, London (with the Royal Shakespeare Company) Peter Brook Johann Wilhelm Stettler
1963 Julius Caesar Shakespeare Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon Cassius
1964 Andorra Frisch Old Vic (with the National Theatre Company) Can
1967 The Shaughraun Boucicault Abbey Theatre Conn
1968 The Shaughraun Boucicault Aldwych (with the Abbey Theatre Company) Conn
1968 The Cherry Orchard Chekhov Dublin Theatre Festival Gaev
1968 Crystal and Fox Gaiety Theatre, Dublin Fox Melarkey
1969-70 Hadrian VII Peter Luke Abbey Theatre, Dublin; Grove Theatre; Belfast; and on tour in the U.K. Peter Luke Hadrian VII
1970 Coriolanus Shakespeare John F. Kennedy Theatre, Honolulu, and Old Vic, London Menenius
1974 The Tempest Shakespeare Old Vic, London (with the National Theatre Company); Bristol Hippodrome (opened June 10 for one week) Peter Hall Antonio
1974 Spring Awakening Old Vic, London (with the National Theatre Company) The Masked Man
1974 The Vicar of Wakefield Abbey Theatre The Vicar
1974 The Plough and the Stars O'Casey Abbey Theatre Fluther Good
U.S. tour (with the Abbey Theatre Company)
Olivier Theatre, London (with the Abbey Theatre company)
1978 You Never Can Tell Malvern Theatre Festival, Malvern, U.K., and Abbey Theatre
1979 Uncle Vanya Chekhov Abbey Theatre Uncle Vanya
1980 A Life Hugh Leonard Old Vic (with the Abbey Theatre Company) Drumm
1988 Lower Depths Gorky Abbey Theatre, Dublin
1990 The Three Sisters Chekhov Gate Theatre, Dublin Chebutykin
Royal Court Theatre, London

*Produced by Cyril Cusack

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