Emlyn Williams: A Fan Tribute


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As Actor:

Film Title
1932 The Frightened Lady Lord Lebanon
1932 Sally Bishop Arthur Montague
1932 Men of Tomorrow Horners
1934 Friday the Thirteenth William Blake
1934 My Song for You Theodore Bruckner
1934 Evensong George Leary
1934 The Iron Duke Bates
1935 The Love Affair of a Dictator King Charles VII of Sweden
1935 Roadhouse Chester
1936 Broken Blossoms Chen
1936 I, Claudius (uncompleted) Caligula
1938 Night Alone Charles Seaton
1939 Dead Men Tell No Tales Dr. Headlam
1939 The Citadel Mr. Owen
1939 They Drive By Night Shorty Matthews
1939 Jamaica Inn Harry the Pedlar
1940 The Stars Look Down Joe Gowlan
1941 You Will Remember Bob Slater
1941 The Girl in the News Tracy
1941 Major Barbara Snobby Price
1941 This England Appleyard
1942 Hatter's Castle Dennis
1949 The Last Days of Dolwyn Rob Davies
1951 Three Husbands Maxwell Bard
1951 Another Man's Poison Dr. Henderson
1951 The Scarf Dr. David Dunbar
1952 The Magic Box Bank Manager
1952 Ivanhoe Wamba
1953 Eyewitness "The Babysitter" (TV)  
1955 The Deep Blue Sea Sir William Collyer
1957 I Accuse Émile Zola
1959 Beyond This Place Enoch Oswald
1959 The Wreck of the Mary Deare Sir Wilfred Falcett
1962 The L-Shaped Room Dr. Weaver
1964 The Great War (TV) Voice of Lloyd George
1964 The Defenders "Mind Over Murder" (TV) Gerald Lowen
1965 The Epic That Never Was (TV) Himself
1966 The Eye of the Devil Alain de Montfaucon
1969 David Copperfield (TV) Mr. Dick
1970 The Walking Stick Jack Foil
1982 The Deadly Game (TV) Bernard Laroque
1983 Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens (TV) Charles Dickens
1983 Rumpole of the Bailey "Rumpole and the Genuine Article" (TV) Harold Brittling
1985 Past Caring Edward

As Director:

1949 The Last Days of Dolwyn





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