Emlyn Williams: A Fan Tribute


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Release Date Title Selections Read Label
1958 Emlyn Williams Talks Qualiton
? Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens "I, Charles Dickens"
"Moving in Society": Scenes from Our Mutual Friend
"Paul": Scenes from Dombey and Son
"Mr. Bob Sawyer Gives a Bachelor Party": An episode from Pickwick Papers
Spoken Arts
1960 Emlyn Williams Reading Charles Dickens (2 records)

Volume 1:
Our Mutual Friend
Dombey and Son
Pickwick Papers

Volume 2:
Christmas Stories
A Tale of Two Cities

1968 Emlyn Willliams as Dylan Thomas in "A Boy Growing Up"

"Memories of Childhood"
"Who Do You Wish Was With Us"
"The Fight"
"The Outing"
"The Reminiscence of a Schoolmaster"
"Just Like Little Dogs"

1969 Dylan Thomas Poems—A Boy Growing Up (2 records)

"Memories of Childhood"
"Who Do You Wish Was With Us"
"A Visit to Grandpa's"
et al.

1971 The World of Dylan Thomas in Poetry and Prose with exerpts from Under Milk Wood: Richard Burton, Emlyn Williams, and other Readers "Memories of Childhood"
"From Adventures in the Skin Trade"
"A Visit to America"






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