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sophia mottley Saturday, 5/19/01, 3:26 AM
Just what i was looking for.
From: London, UK
E-mail: sopolm@beeb.net
graham Thursday, 4/26/01, 12:20 PM
Great site for a great actor. Where can I get the opening theme to the TV series "The Adventures of Long John Silver"?
From: mersyside,England
M Young Tuesday, 4/17/01, 11:51 AM
Brilliant web site Keep up the good work
From: England
Barbara Q. AKA Anne Bonney Read Wednesday, 4/4/01, 9:43 AM
From: BC, Canada
E-mail: manus@bcgrizzly.com
Eirik Smith Tuesday, 4/3/01, 6:46 PM
From: Wisconsin/USA
Web Site: Eirik
E-mail: jcaesar1@msn.com
manolo Monday, 3/26/01, 12:11 AM
Manolo Monday, 3/26/01, 12:03 AM
From: London
shug Saturday, 3/24/01, 10:01 AM
From: scotland
Web Site: lizzy_B_@hotmail .com
E-mail: lizzy_B_@hotmail.com
alyssa Saturday, 3/17/01, 5:47 PM
kewl site . i kind of need your help though . do you know anything about the book treasure isalnd by robert louis stevenson ? i looked it up and you said you do .... but i cant find it . please email me a.s.a.p. or i'll fail
From: texas
Web Site: its under construction....
E-mail: brackish@the-galaxy.net
Wini Richardson Tuesday, 3/6/01, 8:51 AM
Your wonderful tribute to Robert Newton is constantly changing with your insightful additions and updates. This is a great place for his many fans to *come back for another visit!* I enjoyed your recent extensions to the Photo Gallery. It's hard to believe he's been gone now for 45 years, but here, Robert Newton LIVES!! Thank you, from Wini a long-time Newton fan.
From: Kitchener, Ontario Canada
E-mail: wini@attcanada.ca
barry Sunday, 3/4/01, 5:24 PM
i grew up watching R.NEWTONS films he is one of the greatest actors alive or dead
From: u.k
E-mail: PRIORKARNAK@aol.com
BARRY Saturday, 3/3/01, 3:46 PM
PAUL BELISLE Friday, 2/16/01, 9:35 PM
Guess I got to appreciate Newton's acting career after first seeing Disney's Treasure Island. It's good finally to learn a little about the talented man's life. Thanks.
Paul Miller Sunday, 2/4/01, 3:25 PM
I am researching members of the Gargoyle Club which was at 69 Dean Street, London W1 from 1926 to 1956. Robert Newton was a member according to the book 'David Tennant and The Gargoyle Years' by Michael Luke. Do you have any more information which might be of interest ? many thanks Paul Miller
From: London
E-mail: thepm@talk21.com
Pa Sunday, 2/4/01, 3:20 PM
Tony Carocchia Sunday, 12/31/00, 11:49 AM
Thank you for the excellent work you have done gathering such data on a very fine actor. As many others, he remains a part of my youth. Again, great work!
From: Montreal (Québec) CANADA
E-mail: carocchia@sympatico.ca
Douglas N. Clark Saturday, 12/30/00, 5:24 PM
I have admired Newton and collected his films on video for several years, and so am delighted to find your web site. Now I know the names of several more films to look for.
From: Marstons Mills, MA (USA)
E-mail: dnc@math.uga.edu
Steve Bingen Thursday, 12/28/00, 11:56 AM
I am so happy that this site exhists! I'm so happy that there are other people out there who feel as I do about Robert Newton. My intrest in the guy goes back as far as I can remember and I sometimes worry is a bit obsessive! (just a bit, really -- Argh!) anyway, I'll be sure to check back often. A couple notes, I'm sure you know that Hitchcock wanted Newton for the Louis Jourdon part in "The Paradine Case" I'll never forget Hitchcock's expalnation as to why; "because he has big horny hands, like the devil!" Personally, I think any movie that has Newton and doesn't cast him as a pirate is a waste of talent anyway but Hitch had the right idea. As to impersonations, I think you nailed most of them but can I just mention Albert Salmi as a "space pirate"(!) in "Lost in Sapce?" As a kid I thought he really was Robert Newton! Also, "Jaws" is a very special film, Robert-Newton wise in that Richard Dreyfuss impersonates Robert Shaw (complete with multiple "Arghs"), who I think, is impersonating Robert Newton anyway. That's two Robert Newton impersonations in one film! Again, thanks for the great site. It's nice knowing I'm not alone. Happy sailing.
From: Hollywood, CA
Web Site: Madfilm Productions
E-mail: sbingen@msn.com
Paul Christopherson Monday, 12/25/00, 1:37 PM
Excellent tribute to Robert Newton. I have looked for quite some time for this type of information! I espcially enjoy his pirate movies. Keep up the great work! Paul "The Pirate" Christopherson
From: Monroe, Washington
E-mail: paulc57@hotmail.com
Eponine G Sunday, 10/29/00, 2:38 AM
hi! great site i didnt relise rob had played in oliver and Les mis( my 2 fav films/musicals) i take it he was Bill Sikes??
From: uk
Web Site: Les Mizfits
E-mail: eponine_g@hotmail.com
Angelica da Silva Britto Friday, 10/27/00, 7:14 PM
Dear, This moment is only. My life and your life are only. But Robert Newton was ONLY in my life. HE IS ONLY. I LOVE ROBERT NEWTON. Thank you, Angelica Britto from Brazil.
From: Brazil
E-mail: angelicabritto@uol.com.br
Lisa McJunkin Saturday, 10/14/00, 8:51 AM
This is a great website. Thanks. I would like to find Hatter's Castle. Any ideas?
From: Los Angeles,CA
E-mail: lism@pacbell.net
Jim Cunningham Wednesday, 8/9/00, 8:28 AM
Great actor. Great website. Thanks. Do you happen to know where Robert Newton is buried or a source of that information?
From: Media, Penna.
E-mail: jcunningham@barbagallo-cpa.com

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